- Design – high strength at low mass

The operation reliability and simplicity closed in a solid design. Our ploughs combine these features and they will certainly meet your requirements. The proper ground clearance under the frame of up to 76cm and the spacing of the bodies (of up to 85cm or 100cm) guarantee the coverage of significant amounts of agricultural crop residues and secondary crops.
The use of the high quality steel let obtain a very durable design at the total machine mass the least in its class. The frame (140x140 mm profile) made of improved and heat-treated steel ensures that the plough manages even in the heavy conditions.
Due to our experiences, satisfied customers’ opinions and continuous tests we can create new solutions which lead to the next generation of rotary ploughs.

- Rotary plugh – ploughing without downtime – cost reduction
- Effective, economic…
- Changing conditions – variable width
- Uniform ploughing – lateral adjustment
- Head with drawbar
- Only perfect ploughing quality – bodies and mouldboards for every soil
- Protection against stones
- Smart alignment and width adjustment of the first furrow-slice
- So much for so little
- Safe operation - stable and effortless
- Equipment for all conditions - ready for the challenge

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